How Do Photographers and Designers Make Money Online?

The global craze about making money online has got me thinking about some question – how to designers and photographers make online online? I am interested in design and art trends and I am pretty sure that people earn a lot of money selling art work on the web. So I made a quick search and came up with some sites, which could be helpful for photographers and designers, who want to earn money from home. is full of people, who are looking for professional photography and design skills. If you are good with photoshop, like creating design-related things or would like to make money with your photography skills, then check out this freelance job service. has a lot of offers for photographers – here you can earn money by selling your photos (which could be used as stock photography). This site has pretty good payouts and a referral system (in case you have some friends, who are interested in earning money with photography – this will be an additional revenue stream for you). site requires some programming and web design skills, but if you specialize in creating themes and templates for various CMS systems, then you can earn money selling your templates here (70% of the revenue is being passed to you, while wahoopy takes care of the process of selling your stuff).

Well, as you can see, it is possible to earn money online with the help of your design and photography skills, check out these sites and you will surely succeed.

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